July 25, 2014

Feature & Follow #54 ~ Netflix Binges

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Q:  What's your favorite TV series that you can watch over and over again on Netflix? 

A: Okay, get ready for a looonnnnggg answer, lol! 

  • Doctor Who (the reboot)
  • Buffy
  • The Walking Dead
  • Heroes
  • Adventure Time
  • Portlandia
  • Star Trek (the original series)
  • The Office (American version)
  • Transformers (original series & new series)
  • MLP: Friendship is Magic

I missed this question a couple of weeks ago and can't resist answering it (it mentions the TARDIS, it MUST be answered, lol!). 

Q:  If you had a time machine (i.e. a TARDIS), where would you go? 

A: Wherever the Doctor will take me. Just kidding! ;) I'd want to go to the 60's. I have a lot of love for the music of that era and am interested in the culture - the protests, free love, the Vietnam War, and African Americans fighting against discrimination and segregation. A lot was going on then all at once, and I'd want to see it for myself.


  1. Ooh nice! Can never go wrong with Buffy! I'm debating with myself if I should buy all the graphic novels that make up series 8 & 9 with 10 to start soon.

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. The graphic novels are definitely worth buying. My husband bought them, and while I haven't had a chance to read them, he loves them! Fellow Buffy fans unite!!

  2. [ Smiles ] Most interesting, Jennifer.

  3. I'm a total Buffy girl, but you know that. You turned me into a TWD girl. I watched Transformers when I was a kid. Loved it! I actually don't know all the shows on your list! How is that possible?

    1. That's so cool that I did that! Which ones do you know/not know? The very last one is My Little Pony, lol. It's so eerie when the music from the original Transformers comes on - I'm instantly transported to my childhood. I had only one Transformer, and I think it was a Jeep? I'm not sure which robot it transformed into.

      Portlandia is from the IFC, which we don't get so I never got to watch it until we got Netflix. The only reason I had heard of it is because Fred Armisen stars in it, and he was on SNL for so long. I miss him on SNL! I REALLY think you'd love Portlandia!!

    2. I didn't know Adventure Time, Portlandia, and MLP (until you explained it...still don't know it, but I did watch Carebears when I was little). I didn't have any dang Transformer toys! I was into Barbie and Charlie's Angels and secretly as to not offend my girl power heroines, I watched Transformers, G-Force (anime), and HeMan. Yep. But shows I could watch over and over besides Buffy, BSG, or Firefly, hmmm. Monk for sure. Psych. Wild Kratts (my favorite kid show), Charmed, oh, In Plain Sight (best snark around). There's more.

    3. I watched Carebears, too! I had so many Barbies I was sick of them, lol. Oh, and He-Man! I was a huge She-Ra fan. They were twins, right? I think they were but didn't get that at the time I was a kid. What's BSG?

  4. I am addicted to The Walking Dead. The Office was very funny. Great picks!
    Old follower

    1. Me too! Thanks for stopping by, Jess! :)


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