Valentine's Mini Book Blogger Challenge Day 5 ~ True Love to Me

Valentine’s Book Blogging Challenge

Five day romance fest hosted by Parajunkee

Most romantic books you've ever read

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

I cried my eyes out! I'm not a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks because I'm not a big fan of sappy stories. This is the only book by him I can stomach. I really loved it. Noah reading the notebook every morning to Allie though it may have seemed pointless to someone who doesn't understand. Gah! Gets me here *taps chest* every time.

On a serious note, it reminds me of the way my dad took care of my mom when she was very ill with brain cancer. The times he took her out to breakfast after dropping off me and my sister at school. The disciplinary notices he received at work because he had to take time off to take her to her doctor's appointments, radiation treatments, and then later, chemo. Setting up a hospital bed in our living room when she could no longer get in and out of their bed. The way he loved her though her hair had been shaved off for the brain surgery. He loved her through the cancer.  

Though my dad, my sister, and I were reaching our emotional breaking point, our dad kept mom at home even after she slipped into a coma. Her wish was to die at home, and he made that happen for her. They were high school sweethearts, and he has never remarried even after almost twenty years since she died. 

Everything that he did to take care of not only her but me and my sister as well...THAT is love. That's the most romantic kind of love I can think of.  

What's your pick?  


  1. Oh man *taps chest* What an emotional post. Your dad's love for your mom is so big and beautiful. I haven't read or watched the Notebook, but your story is the real deal. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

    1. It really is big and beautiful, and it still is. :) I haven't watched The Notebook, and I'm not sure that I could. Maybe. My sister is not a sappy person at all - she hates hugs - but she loves movies like The Notebook and My Sister's Keeper. She made me watch the movie where Julia Roberts gets married and later dies, and I'm like, "What are you trying to do to me? Kill me?"

      I had a good Valentine's Day. Did your boys surprise you? :)

  2. I loved The Notebook! It's such a unique, extremely moving love story -- and the movie is so well done too :)

    1. It seems so real - that's how well Sparks wrote the novel. I agree with you, Alexa - it's very moving and unique. :)


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