Valentine's Mini Book Blogger Challenge Day 3 ~ CHEESIEST Romance Scenes or Topics You've Read in a Book

Valentine’s Book Blogging Challenge

Five day romance fest hosted by Parajunkee

CHEESIEST Romance Scenes or Topics You've Read in a Book

This is a hard one for me. Usually when I come across a cheesy romance scene, I'm cringing so much I either skip it or skim through it. I'm not really a sappy romantic chick much to my husband's chagrin, lol. I'd say I'm more of a cynic - I don't like flowery promises of love forever because, well, it's lame. Not to mention unrealistic. 

But I'm not a total hard ass. Sometimes romance scenes give me a warm fuzzy feeling. It just depends on my mood. If I had to pick, there were scenes in BREAKING DAWN that were hard to stomach. Bella and Edward were just too perfect at times, and I gagged. Man, I really did not like that book for a myriad of reasons!   

So now that I've made myself sound like a total bitch, lol, what are your choices for the cheesiest romantic scenes or topics? 


  1. I have been wanting to write a good romantic book but am afraid of my family members loking at me from a different perspective.

    1. I feel the same way you do. Even though I know the stories that authors write aren't their own life experiences, I still worry my family would think I'm a perv or a freak. Maybe we can write a note at the beginning of the book: "To all my family - please skip pages 112 - 127 and pages 178 - 212." ;)

  2. I told my dad not to read Shadow Town. And my mom and sister kept asking when such and such happened. Then my mom kept telling people she was proud of my sex life! I mean, come on! It's fiction. Please do not embarrass the author.

    1. I'm so not surprised your mom is telling people that, lol! But that is SO embarrassing! If you wrote a murder scene, would they think you've murdered someone? LOL Exactly! Please don't embarrass the author! :D


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