September 13, 2013

Think Out Loud #20 ~ The Last One I Adopt - I Promise!!

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A lot has been going on lately, and I have so much to tell you all since I've been sucking at doing TOLs lately. >.< 

~ The New Addition ~

This poor kitty was just dumped by somebody last week on my street, and my mother-in-law (who lives across the street from us) had been feeding him. He kept following us home, and he hung out with us while we had a garage sale last Saturday. I saw him sleeping on my husband's lap and knew he had fallen in love with the kitten, too, lol. See below. ;D 

We've taken him in, and my husband named him Billy. This is the last one, I swear! I am not turning into a crazy cat lady!! No way! 

First came Charlie:

Next came Charlotte: 

After that came Beau:

Now we have Billy:

My rationale is since we're eventually going to get a bigger house, there'll be more room for four pets. But that's it. A lady tried to talk us into getting a puppy from her, and I was like no way lady, lol!

~ Steps to Selling Our House ~ 

1. Rent a large dumpster and rid out the garage - check!

2. Have a garage sale to get rid of the nicer things and try to make some money for paint, etc. that we need to spruce up the house - sorta check! We only made $60. Where the hell was everyone??? 

3. a. Take whatever doesn't sell to Goodwill - check!
b. Take kids' clothes to Once Upon a Child to sell/donate 

4. Rent a small dumpster and clean out the house once more

5. Buy the supplies to fix up the house

6. Make an appt. for the real estate lady to see how much our house is worth

7. Put the house up for sale

8. Live for a long time with a "For Sale" sign out front of our house, lol 

Well, everything's coming along. Every weekend we're doing something. :)

~ Band ~ 

Yay!!! Janie has her trumpet, and this past Monday was her first class! Kids here start band in 5th grade, and at the end of school last year, Janie tested highest on the trumpet and flute. She chose to play the trumpet. It's funny because I played the trumpet (sold it to my friend's brother, lol), and my sister played the flute. We're renting a trumpet for Janie, and she's doing so well already! I'll try to take some pictures of her with her trumpet if she'll let me. ;D 

How are you guys doing? Love you guys for commenting!! I appreciate each and every one; they make my day! :D


  1. I smiled through this whole post, Jennifer. Man, garage sales suck so bad. I prefer craigslist. I make more money that way. Sadly I tend to apply my earnings to mocha frapps. We have Starbucks everywhere here. My wedding dress gave me a whole lot of summery fun frapps. You cracked me up with the living in your house with a for sale sign out front.

    I love the pic with your new cat sleeping on your husband's lap. So cute! The line of adopted pets photos had me chuckling. You have to check out this kitty kissing a dolphin CLIP. And don't worry, no pet adoption necessary.

    That is so cool that Janie loves music and plays the same instrument as you. I think 4 yr old John will enjoy music class, but it's a bit of torture for Will.

    Have a great weekend, Donnie Darko Girl!

    1. I should have posted some stuff on craigslist. We at least got rid of all our big stuff. I wish we had a Starbucks around here! The closest Starbucks to me is 45 min away. We do have a local coffee shop in town, which I love to go to. Not only is their coffee great, I love the way they've decorated the place. It will be funny with a for sale sign out front for forever, lol. ;D

      It was that moment, when the cat was sleeping on Brady's lap, that I knew he had fallen in love and would take him in if I asked. I think Brady is getting just as bad as I am about our pets, lol! The dolphin clip is ADORABLE! Love it! The dolphins were kinda skittish around that cat, lol.

      Brady wasn't into music. He played the trombone for a week, then decided band wasn't for him. So if it's not fun, there's no reason to torture yourself, ya know?

  2. Aw! Billy is adorable! At the apartment complex that I live at this stray cat that would come every time she had a new litter then she’d leave with them once they got big enough. She doesn't come anymore, but the last time she came, one kitten stayed and she became my adopted kitty. :) But she's too wild so I can only offer her shelter on my porch when she needs it and give her food. I named her Miss Kitty. lol! She is not so little anymore though, because she's had two litters, and now I feed them all! The four new kittens and the previous three. I have probably become known as the crazy cat neighbor. :P

    I am going to look into Thinks Out Loud, but I already have so much to do that I may not have time. :\

    1. Thanks, I think so, too, although I'm biased. ;) My mother-in-law has wild cats that just come to the front porch to be fed. They're too wild for her to catch, which she's tried before so she can get them fixed - mostly the females. I love it when people take care of stray cats. It's a problem everywhere that there are so many. I love your cat's name!! We're on our way to being known as the crazy cat neighbor, lol.

      You can just post a quote or a video you like. The Think Out Loud posts don't have to be long at all. It's really cool - I think you'd love it! :D I do understand about being busy, though. :)

  3. All your pets are so sweet and adorable! I wish you luck in selling your house! Great TOL!

    1. Thank you! And thanks for wishing me luck - we're gonna need it, lol. ;D

  4. Cute! We've recently found a cat coming around our apartment. We're not sure if he has an owner or not. We also kind of have enough animals in the house with our two dogs and the lizard. Either way, very nice. Its been a while. I've been floating around on the internet for quite some time doing random things.

    By the way, I recently sent my manuscript to this small press based in Los Angeles. Its called Les Figue Press. They have contests going on for finished poetry and fiction if you ever want to check it out. I'm not sure if the current deadline has passed but its worth checking out. The entry fee is $ 25.00 and it seems faster to do online through Submitable. Here's the link to the submissions page if you're interested: The prize is $1000 plus publication. Just for entering you can even get a book of your choice.

    Anyway, see you later. Have a great one! Hope all goes well.

    1. Well, now we have enough animals to where we absolutely cannot take another one in, lol. We get a lot of stray cats around here, and I think Billy lived in someone's house before he came here. He seemed like he had been in a house before since he wasn't freaked out and took to the litter pan right away. It has been a while! I'm such a bad friend - I read your story but never sent my response. :/ I'm sorry!

      That sounds really cool - I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks so much for the link.

      Thanks, you too! :D Talk to you soon!

    2. We have this three dog per household rule. Apparently not a two pet rule. No problem about the story. I think I forgot that I sent you something in all honesty. Respond to the story any time you'd like. Definitely check out the link. Even if the deadline's passed there quite a few cool books that they published you can check out. I think they have contests every year too so there's always the next one.

  5. Aww Billy looks just like my kitten, Misty :) So cute!

    1. I'd love to see a photo of Misty! Thank you! :D

  6. I hope you'll get everything ready for selling your house, and that the sale will happen fairly quickly!

    Billy is a cutie, but so are your other pets! And I love that your daughter is playing the trumpet! So did I. And I miss it now...

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. Thank you, I hope it goes quickly, too. I'm prepared to be waiting a while though so I'm not disappointed.

      I think all my pets are super cute. :) With my kids and my pets, I'm surrounded by cuteness, lol! You played the trumpet, too?! That's so cool 'cause I did, too! I sold mine to my friend's brother, and I"m happy to play the one my daughter has. :) I'd love to learn to play the guitar and the clarinet one day.

  7. Oh Jennifer, if my kitties wouldn't FREAK out, I'd have so many animals! LOL But my kitties are kinda persnickety and so we can't add any's hard to add a piece of furniture! ;)

    Good luck in your moving process. As I told you before, I moved about a year and a half ago, but we went through the purging and sprucing up, etc., for about 5 months prior to putting our house up for sale. Good times! LOL But it is a good feeling, too.

    Yay band! All 3 of my kiddos play instruments, but only 2 are in band. One of my daughters plays violin, so she's an orcha-dork. ;) She's actually in the H.S. marching band though - she's in colorguard. My other two play alto sax and percussion, although he's trying his hand at trumpet too. :)

    1. I know all about the furniture thing, lol! We're trying to get things done so it can be appraised and just taking it one step at a time. There seems to be so much to do - it gets kind of overwhelming at times. We just have so much STUFF. ;D I'm excited to get a house we love. This was a good starter home, but we're ready to move on. I will miss our neighbors, though.

      I live in a small town here in Ohio, and we don't have an orchestra. I wish we did, though! The trumpet seems to be a popular instrument. :D For our marching band, we have a couple majorettes. Our band teacher said he doesn't want a color guard because then no one will want to play instruments, and he's totally right. I would've been in the color guard. We'd go to band festivals, and I always loved watching other bands' color guards perform. :)


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